Not the Typical Residential Electrician

Do you need the help of a residential electrician to take care of your electrical generator repair? If that is the case, you can join the other shrewd homeowners in Boston, MA who patronize Brian Carlson Licensed Electrician. We have earned their trust in this field because we do not only offer electrical generator installation, we also offer electrical upgrades. So if you want to know more about us, you should listen carefully to what we have to say.


Electrical Generator Installation – We offer this service because we understand how annoying power outages can be. Frequent disruption of electrical power can cause the damage of some necessary office equipment and home appliances. Indirectly, it can also cause food spoilage. To avoid all of these inconveniences, smart homeowners and entrepreneurs ask us to install a standby generator. Having this would ensure that the level of comfort at home and office is maintained. Other than that, you can also get some sense of assurance that there is no work stoppage.


After you have considered all these things, you will need our help to have your generator installed properly. Our first step would be to evaluate how much power is required. Once we have done that, we would install an electrical subpanel. It has to be placed near the main electrical panel. We would redirect the most important circuits from the prime electrical panel to the secondary one. Once done, we can start setting the generator.


Electrical Generator Repair – As an experienced residential electrician, we can do this job efficiently and safely. Other than that, you will find peace of mind knowing that we are licensed to fix electrical generator problems. As a rule of thumb, we would always switch off the power. This will ensure safety on your part, as well as ours.


So if you need a reliable electrician in Boston, MA, you should immediately ask help from Brian Carlson Licensed Electrician. We are qualified to do all electrical jobs. You can trust us to safely fix your electrical problems. All you need to do is call us at (978) 664-2484.


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