What to Ask an Electrician During an Interview

Questions You Must Ask an Electrical Contractor

Your search for an electrician should never be limited by cost. Never base your motivation solely on locating the best offer. Other considerations should be taken into account when picking an electrical contractor. This covers, among other things, their level of experience, specialization, reputation, and insurance. So, to find the right contractor ask the following questions before you hire them:

What is your area of expertise?

Like other contractors, electrical contractors typically specialize in certain fields of work. For instance, one contractor might concentrate primarily on residential properties. Others would specialize in commercial work, while still others might serve multi-family structures like apartment buildings. While there may occasionally be some overlap, consumers should generally hire someone with relevant experience for their particular project. Most electrical contractors will describe the kind of work they do in their marketing, but you should also inquire.

Do you have references who can be reached?

Nothing is more effective than a word-of-mouth referral to find a reliable electrical contractor. Keep in mind that you have every right to inquire about references from a contractor’s past customers. A genuine number should be provided, and you should call it personally. Inquire about the contractor’s level of service, the caliber of their work, their punctuality, and whether their prices are reasonable. Don’t discount the value of first-hand recommendations while trying to make a final selection!

Do you have an estimate for the job?

Money is equally as crucial as a license, permits, and reachable references. After all, you want to be able to pay the electrical contractor you select! There is no harm in getting a cost estimate from a contractor. Also, beware if their quote seems slightly exaggerated compared to others you may have seen. Also, remember that a contractor’s lower-than-average quote is not necessarily the wisest course of action. This can indicate that they are desperate for the job or are not familiar with the standard of work you require. Look for a quote that is both reasonable and competitive.

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